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Self sabotage…

Trading time for money….



The inability to speak up and speak out…

Analysis paralysis…


Staying STUCK…

Spinning your wheels…

Slapping together partial solutions that “experts” have offered you…

Repeatedly unable to achieve your goals and deadlines…

ALL ARE SYMPTOMS of a much deeper root cause. Which is why trying to apply surface solutions continuously fails. We can’t band aid THE problem enough… to get rid of it! 

looking out

You Are Enough

Because it’s one we ALL deal with. Every human being on this planet.  And that is: our sense of unworthiness or not feeling good enough.  Which is why trying to find a solution for each individual symptom never works…

Because the solution is to heal the hole in your soul and then these symptoms resolve. 

Take trading time for money as an example… 

Most often people do this because they’ve collapsed Value onto Worth. Value comes from what another person perceives your product/service/program is worth to them. Worth comes from a person deciding they are deserving of what they are asking for.

Successful people have mastered communicating and delivering Value. When you learn to do this, people would rather give you their money than live another day without your product/service/program. PERIOD. 

This has nothing to do with your worth.

How about “analysis paralysis” – overthinking to the point of inaction. When you feel like you’re not worthy enough you consistently doubt yourself and second guess yourself because you don’t trust your own decisions.


Burnout? It’s a symptom of not feeling like you’re worthy or deserving to ask for what you need, being afraid of being seen as weak, feeling like you have to figure it all out yourself, feeling all alone…like you are on your own and have to be self-sufficient and self-reliant. 

All these self-sabotage symptoms are a result of your original trauma.

Where something happened to you (when you were really young) where you didn’t feel you were capable of being with the EMOTIONS you were feeling at the time.
So you tried to figure it all out in your head.

Hiring small business marketing consultant

Only to become stuck in a vicious self-sabotaging loop of “Thinking” you know what you should do, but NOT really “Feeling” like you can do it.

Trapped between the thinking part of you “I want to BE SEEN” And the FEELING part of “but please don’t see me, because if you SEE ME then you will really see how much is really wrong with me.”

Recognize the Pattern

So you freeze, feel confused, then either go into anger or people pleasing to try and survive…ALL which is coming from not believing in your worth, or not recognizing you are, in fact, enough.

So you prove yourself right, over and over again.

And it’s f@#$ing EXHAUSTING!!!!

Do you see the pattern?

THIS is exactly why we start with trauma in our business. 

Because it’s in this moment of your original trauma that you, for the first time, made decisions about your worthiness.

You see, in that moment you were so blindsided and confused as to why the experience was happening to you that you made three crucial decisions in order to try and make sense of it. You internalized:

  1. What it meant about YOU.
  2. What it meant about OTHERS.
  3. What it meant about The WORLD.

And for each person, these decisions are directly tied to how worthy and deserving you feel.  

Because all of us decided (on some deeper level) that for this to have happened to us, we can’t trust ourselves, we can’t trust others and we can’t trust the world. 

Different Individual Meanings Through Different Lenses

While we have each given it different individual meanings.

For example, one person can make it mean…”I have to figure this all out myself, I am alone, I am on my own, I have to be self-sufficient. Others are not going to be there for me, not going to protect me, will leave me not supported…and the World is Unpredictable.”

Another person can make it mean… “I must be quiet. I am not important, I need to go away or hide. Other people are not trustworthy. You can’t trust anyone…and the World is a very scary place.”

Can you see the pattern? And how these decisions define who we think we are, and therefore our sense of self worth?

try to find patterns

When we go back to your trauma, to the original decisions you made and help you process them thoroughly, THEN and only then, can we help you heal your sense of unworthiness to allow your problems (or symptoms) to dissolve, falling away easily and effortlessly (from their root cause) returning you to the LOVE you really are! 

Which is exactly why what we teach you works for the long term. NOT just another band aid.


Because along with healing your trauma, we teach a self coaching method that gives you real practical life skills using our Aligned Intelligence Method® that causes a permanent paradigm shift, teaching you how to consistently and predictably, coach yourself through any obstacle…to forever banish any feelings of unworthiness ANYTIME they rear their ugly head disguised as yet another symptom

And it’s a real game changer. 

In the coming weeks I’ll be offering the opportunity for you to explore this with me and my team – so make sure to keep an eye out for what’s about to come!

‘till then…

Your greatest supporter, 


P.S. Want a sneak peek at what’s to come? Check it out here >5 day challenge<


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