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My Name Is Mia Hewett, an Alignment Coach Who Helps Clients Awaken To Live Their Potential

  • I’ve co-owned and operated multiple seven-figure businesses
  • I’m an international speaker and best-selling author
  • I’m a world-class business and brain coach
  • I’m the founder of Aligned Intelligence®

Together, My Partner, Michael and I Developed the Aligned Intelligence Method® Program

Every day, we take great joy in seeing entrepreneurs thrive and grow into living the life they were truly Meant to live.

Our Mission

To help 5,000 entrepreneurs to awaken to the truth of who they are, so they can make six to seven figures in their businesses, live their purpose and make the difference and impact they are Meant to make.

Our Values

Going all in. Leading with integrity. Holding a “We, not Me” attitude. Always caring MORE, never less. Being of service. Looking for results over reason and progress over perfection.

Learn Everything You Need…

Free yourself from the trap you’ve been in your whole life, turn your trauma into your greatest superpower, and set yourself free.

I’m Mia Hewett, an Alignment Coach for Entrepreneurs

I help entrepreneurs (or those who want to be entrepreneurs) worldwide to stop sabotaging their results…

…so they can finally Feel Free To Be Themselves!

They then go on to scale their businesses to Six and Seven Figures the easier, faster way.

Using our Aligned Intelligence Method® which causes a permanent paradigm shift, I support my clients with ways to consistently and predictably coach themselves through any obstacle…

This allows them to return to their natural state of clarity and well-being, so they can feel fulfilled in their purpose and make the difference and impact they know they were Meant to make!

Why Do I Do This?

I grew up poor. When I was 13 years old, my dog — who I loved more than anything in the world — died.

Our house was so infested with fleas that they literally sucked the life out of him.

  1. I vowed never again to have an animal or a child I couldn’t afford to take care of.
  2. When I figured out how to win at this “game of life” I would give it to the world.

And I’ve kept my promises.

Ready for a tailored solution that ACTUALLY gets you everything you ever wanted in life and business?

Now, I love working with those who know they’re Meant For More but feel they haven’t had their big break yet…

Because it’s amazing when that BREAKTHROUGH finally happens!
I have a proven track record for success in helping coaches, consultants, creatives and online course creators (or those who aspire to be) to live what they know…