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Hi, I’m Michael Della Volpe, an Alignment Coach Who Helps Clients Overcome Their Spiritual Paralysis

  • I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to unlock their unconscious minds and live the life they were Meant For
  • I’m co-founder of The Alignment Intelligence Method ®
  • I’m a world-class brain coach for businesses
  • I’ve built and grown multiple Six and Seven Figure Businesses

Together, My Partner, Michael and I Developed the Aligned Intelligence Method® Program

Each day, I use my empathic and intuitive gifts for being able to understand people’s internal energies to support them in aligning their most powerful selves with their thoughts and actions.

Our Mission

To help 5,000 entrepreneurs to awaken to the truth of who they are, so they can make six to seven figures in their businesses, live their purpose and make the difference and impact they are Meant to make.

Our Values

Going all in. Leading with integrity. Holding a “We, not Me” attitude. Always caring MORE, never less. Being of service. Looking for results over reason and progress over perfection.

Learn Everything You Need…

Free yourself from the trap you’ve been in your whole life, turn your trauma into your greatest superpower, and set yourself free.

I’m Michael Della Volpe, a Brain Coach

But before I became an alignment coach, for most of my life, I never felt like I fitted in.

I could see and feel things that no one else could see and feel.

Moving through the world feeling so different from everyone else, I believed for a long time that it Meant there was something DEEPLY wrong with ME.

Externally, I had what people would call a good life.
I traveled, “ski-bummed” in Aspen, graduated with Magna Cum Laude from a good university, lived in a Zen Buddhist Monastery, owned multiple businesses, made good money, married, became a father…

But, internally, I was so full of anxiety that I couldn’t speak, silenced by an ongoing battle of self-hatred and loneliness. No amount of healing work, meditation, breathwork, shamanic work, or personal development helped.
I couldn’t find the answer I was seeking anywhere.

How Did I Get Here?

I was tired of knowing the truth and not living it. I said to myself, “This time I’m doing it, whatever it takes, I’m going to LIVE THIS!!”

And, that moment led to me meeting my INCREDIBLE life partner, Mia Hewett.
Together, we developed a revolutionary methodology called The Aligned Intelligence Method®-aka AIM®.

I’ve now embraced that what I was seeing all along was the real patterns or energy running inside of others. As though I can see their unconscious minds. I always knew that there is SO MUCH more to life than we think and that there IS an easier, and faster way.

I just HAD to find it… and I did.

With AIM® and our combined 50+ years of entrepreneurship and owning businesses, we’re able to help entrepreneurs and business owners (or those who aspire to be) to finally have the results they truly desire. To be free, at peace, feel powerful, and be the badasses they were born to be.

There’s nothing greater than seeing people claim what they know they are here to do achieving the results in life their most passionate about!

This is my best life. And I’m here to help you access and live yours. Finally.

With Great Love,