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Stop the Self-Sabotage, Know Your Worth and Charge for It

In our 5-day live intensive, you’ll learn:

  • How to stop self-sabotaging
  • How to change your subconscious mind
  • How to overcome your limiting beliefs..
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Are you ready to Stop Self-Sabotage?

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Learn How To Stop Self-Sabotaging, Know Your Worth and Charge For It In Our Immersive 5-day Live Intensive

Overcome limiting beliefs as you take the first step towards becoming your most powerful self.
What’s in it for me?
During this live intensive, you’ll finally stop the self-sabotage that is keeping you stuck. By overcoming limiting beliefs, you will discover how to know your worth and charge for it. I’ll show you how to change your subconscious mind so that you can unlock your potential for exponential growth and profitability!
How does it work?

Live sessions with me and Michael on Zoom, plus a private Facebook AND Slack community for all the support and communication you might need.

Over 5 days (along with a few bonus days)
I’m going to show you:

-Why you’re still stuck in this cycle of self-sabotage

-What to do about it
-How to stop trading time for money to build real wealth, abundance, and success.

Who is it for?

Business owners, Consultants, Coaches, Online Course Creators or those aspiring to be. If this sounds like you, ask yourself; are you ready to Level Up, stop self-sabotaging and overcome limiting beliefs to become the most powerful version of you?

If the answer is YES, then my 5-day challenge is for you.

I’m Going To Show You EXACTLY What’s Been
Your Whole Life… Guaranteed.

Stop Self Sabotage, Know your Worth & Charge for it
What does self-sabotaging mean? It’s the barrier that we create for ourselves that stops us from reaching our full potential. In my book, Meant for More, and my 5-day Live Intensive, you’ll learn the exact mindset and skillsets on how to stop self-sabotaging yourself.

Are You Ready to Reprogram
Your Mind?

Is it really possible to change our subconscious mind, to stop always overthinking, doubting ourselves, not trusting our feelings to allow us to succeed?

The answer is YES!

I thought I knew it ALL. I mean, on the outside, I looked like I had it all together. I was a strong, confident woman who’d co-founded a multimillion-dollar business. But behind closed doors, I constantly felt mentally drained, emotionally I doubted every decision I made, self-sabotaged, and internally felt like a fraud.

I read many self-help books, did so many business and marketing courses, tried therapy, and hired many of the best experts.
I kept thinking, “I must just have to go higher up the ladder” because surely those at the top must have the correct answers, right?

Wrong! These experts would tell me, “business is not supposed to be emotional”… “It’s just business!”

The Truth IS… for those who don’t have the results they want, they need to consider that what’s STOPPING them is not LOGICAL, it’s EMOTIONAL.

As children, our trust is built and fostered by an emotional bond dependent on the responses of our parents and caretakers….
…but when that trust gets broken, we experience a trauma, which leads to recurring self-sabotaging behaviours:

We experience an immense amount of shame…
Without knowing how to process how we feel, we internalise our shame to think “there must be something wrong with me” (these self-sabotaging emotions then become part of our identity and who we think we are).
This leaves us feeling unworthy and abandoned (it’s also the exact moment where we lose our “authentic self” and take on our “false self” to survive).
We then try hard to figure out what happened to us to never have to experience it again (since our emotions are no longer safe).

From that day forward, we will continue to repeat the same self-sabotaging cycle over and over again until we resolve it.

It Took Me YEARS To Find The Exact Missing Pieces, To Learn How To Stop Self-Sabotage…

…to discover a proven methodology that works consistently and predictably, so I could finally be free to become who I was Meant to be.

Overcoming self-sabotage and changing the subconscious mind is a challenge until you understand that every successful recipe has an order to the ingredients.

And the truth is, that’s the same in Business and Life.

There’s a recipe to get you “FROM where you ARE”… to “WHERE you want to BE”. Anything is possible once you know the recipe and have the right tools.

In our 5-day Live Intensive, I am going to support you in understanding the exact key ingredients you need to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be. You can then stop self-sabotaging, overcome limiting beliefs and start thriving.

If you’ve ever wondered how to eliminate self-sabotage for good, let’s work together. It’s taken a long time for me to learn the right steps to overcoming self-sabotaging behaviour…

And I want to share it with you!

For entrepreneurs who know they’re Meant For More and yet aren’t currently living it… Because something inside is holding you back
Something is causing you to constantly self-sabotage
You’re stuck spinning your wheels in your businesses and relationships as you watch others less qualified pass you by.

It’s time to reprogramme your subconscious mind and take my 5-day Live Intensive!

5-Day Live Intensive

Starts March 4th,  2024 At 2PM EST


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