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Discover How to Be Your Best Self and Stop Struggling

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You’re flooded with self-doubt  and as long as your trauma is running, unresolved and unrestrained in the back of your consciousness, it will continue to make your life difficult. Your trauma is the number one reason why you struggle to see results. You need to resolve these to discover how to be your best self.

How to Be Your Best Self

Unresolved trauma is why, no matter what you do.

You’ll feel like you’re…


struggling to be a better you

Because you can’t think greater than you feel.

Your trauma keeps you stuck in negative feelings and emotions about yourself, others, and the world. 

  • It’s what fires when you feel triggered.
  • It’s what causes your constant feelings of confusion and self doubt.
  • It’s responsible for your feelings of neediness…
  • Or wanting to justify… or defend… or avoid it altogether, by going into people pleasing all the time.

And your trauma is what has you feeling like you’re not capable, not worthy, or not enough, which is what stops every human being.

Being Your Best Self in a Time of Crisis

This is why no structure, process, policy, procedure or system is going to leave you feeling more secure.

be a better you

Those things will only help your business run smoother. They’re not going to change the behavior that is a result of your emotional self, feeling out of alignment from what you are truly capable of living.

They’re just going to band aid those feelings – temporarily. Until you end up right back where you were in the first place.

Recently I had a client who explained how this feels so poignantly; I want to share it with you.

She said, “Every day, I live in fear, worry, and concern about what I’m doing. I’m confused about my finances and my savings. I’m constantly buying and then waiting and then not using what I bought. My business feels like drudgery. Like I’m constantly moving through the mud. It feels hard. I see myself as a mediocre woman, never doing anything big, constantly trying to understand and better myself, trying to fill a deep hole inside of me that says, I just don’t get it, I missed it. And I’m tired… I’m tired of taking care of everybody else. Feeling dread that I might die this way, never having reached or found or understood what this really is.”

Who hasn’t felt this way?!

Does any of this resonate with you?

Improving Your Situation Requires Change

After doing our program, the group asked her what had changed, and she laughed, and said, “every single one of those things on my list.”

You see, the reason is that we have an unresolved trauma running in the background of our minds…

We tend to waste a lot of time, money, and effort doing things that really don’t matter.

looking out

Because we’re living in resistance to life. 

  • We’re in resistance, in judgment, in blame, trying to control or defend or justify something.
  • We resist or judge ourselves for what we should be doing.
  • Or we are in resistance feeling like life or people shouldn’t be the way they are.

All of which are symptoms of your core trauma.

But once you locate the original root cause of where this is all coming from, the problem no longer keeps us stuck, stopped, or struggling.

Because the truth will always set you free.

Summary – Be a Better You

If you want to know how to be your best self, ask yourself: 

What symptoms of unresolved trauma are you experiencing?

Not sure? 

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