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Separate Your Ego From Your Aligned Self

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As you start to recognize the stories that have been running your life, you may find yourself hesitant to give them up.

These are the beliefs you’ve used to navigate your life, but some of our biggest stories need to be separated into two parts:

The Truth and The Lie.

When we separate the Truth from the Lie, we uncover the blind spots that were in our way.
Then and only then, can we finally start telling ourselves a new story.

We separate our ego from our Aligned selves.

We are not our egos. That is not who you are.

So why does it seem so hard to live as our Aligned selves?

These 3 reasons why we get stuck in our egos keep us from living in Alignment within ourselves:


If we care more about things that are predictable than we do about what we really want, our egos are in the way. Going into what we really want requires us to let go of what feels familiar.

If you’ve always felt that you have never gotten what you want, disappointment is then predictable. You’re familiar with nothing going your way.

Getting what you want is unpredictable.

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Who would you be if things went well? What would you be feeling? What would you be doing?

We have to feel and sense our way up the staircase rather than knowing it.

We’re looking for self-verification

We want to stand out yet we want what’s familiar. We want to stay in our egos because it’s how we see ourselves. But being our Aligned selves means we don’t recognize ourselves. When we don’t recognize ourselves, it doesn’t feel good. We mistake the not feeling good for “it isn’t aligned with our True selves.”

In Truth, you’re breaking the divide between the Aligned self and the ego.

Your ego is not who you truly are.

Trying to change through the mind

We think we can somehow force ourselves to think better. But the Truth is:

The problem is not in your mind. It’s in your being.

Instead of forcing it, how could you allow yourself to feel and sense who you would be as your Aligned self?


Are you feeling stuck in your ego? Stuck in your stories?

Is it difficult to separate the Truth from the Lie?

Challenge yourself with the 3 traps above.

I’d love to hear from you.

Standing for your greatness,



Mia Hewett

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