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How to Quantum Leap Your Results

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You’ve already experienced Quantum Leaps in your life– you just didn’t know it.

When you were a baby, you went from crawling to walking. That was a Quantum Leap.

No amount of crawling turned you into a walker. In order to walk, you had to stop crawling.

You had to think and act differently.

Your next Quantum Leap might be going from a stay-at-home parent who didn’t see themself as a business owner to becoming a CEO and founder of a company.

That’s a Quantum Leap.

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It’s a whole new way of thinking and acting.

So how can you Quantum Leap the results you desire?

When we’re in the beginning stages of our Quantum Leaps, it can feel like we’re doing a lot of discovery and learning. It doesn’t feel huge.

In the beginning, there’s a learning curve as we’re figuring out how to live intentionally, be fully committed, and be completely detached.

It can feel like you’re not getting rewarded for the effort, and then all of a sudden, bam! It takes off!

That’s because all of the fundamental pieces were in the right place.

When the changes are happening incrementally, you forget who you were before.

You don’t remember a time before you could walk. You don’t remember a time before you could read. You don’t remember a time before you could dress yourself.


The changes that are happening inside yourself as you transform into your Aligned Self are incremental.

It can feel like you’re putting out a lot of effort and not seeing any tangible results.

Get into the habit of always expanding and evolving. Slow down and really take in feedback so that you can speed up.
Segment your day. Get clarity on where you are versus where you want to be. Prioritize what you’re deliberately creating to close the Gap.
Practice relentless implementation. Focus on the Top 3 profit-generating activities. Use deadlines. Know your numbers for how many people you will contact each day. Execute every single day.

Track your progress. Apply what you’re learning and find measurable ways to track it.
Reward the crap out of yourself.

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. Reward yourself every time you think and act like your Aligned Self.

You will literally create a dopamine hit in your brain 🧠 that will have you feeling immense pleasure.

When you feel pleasure, when you feel rewarded, your brain wants more.

So you’ll be more of your Aligned Self more often. You’ll own your voice more. You’ll own your Truth more. You’ll show up more. You’ll take more decisive action. And by the Law of Cause and Effect, you’ll be rewarded, and rewarded, and rewarded.

I can’t wait to hear about your Quantum Leaps.

Standing for your greatness,



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