Mia Hewett

How to Become Your Most Powerful Self

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I always say that your greatness is in your blindspots.

Which is really not helpful, is it?!

You see, your blindspots contain really useful and powerful information, and every time we live intentionally, we actually call what is in our blindspots into our lives….

But, unless we know we’re doing this, we often get frustrated that they’re there (happens to everyone!) as we were never taught that our blindspots actually serve a purpose.

The good news: if you shift how you approach your blindspots, you will find the gold hidden within them.

And It all starts with knowing your end goal – your vivid vision.

When you hold your vivid vision as a container for what you want, holding the feeling place of how you want to feel, anything that is IN THE WAY will show itself immediately.

These are the limiting beliefs, the self doubts, the negative emotions that are causing you to self-sabotage – stopping you from achieving the results you MOST want!

The key is to not allow those things to take you down a rabbit hole of judgement and shame where we have a habit of reacting without realizing it and end up in the weeds of something else.

So what do we do instead?

We look at what comes up lovingly and with an amplitude of curiosity.

Meaning, the moment that a potentially destructive thought pops up pause, and reflect on it with curiosity:

“Hmmm, I wonder what this is about?” You might ask.

“I wonder what I’m making this mean?”

Or, “Hmmm, I wonder where this is coming from?”

Because, in Truth, when you understand how powerful you REALLY are, and that you create your entire reality and, thus, have created these limiting beliefs, these self doubts and therefore these negative emotions… that are trying to take you out…

You can start to recognize you can uncreate them.

By recognizing they’re a gift; feedback that is given you access to show you your blindspots you’ve been caught in.

Which is why they’re your greatest superpower.

Because when they no longer take you out of alignment from what you want, then there’s literally nothing standing in your way of success.

How would life feel if you no longer had shame and judgement taking you out of action?

How would your life look differently if you could leverage your thoughts, your actions, and your emotions as messages or feedback, instead of truth and reality?

What would life be like if you could look at these blindspots with love and curiosity?

Because from over here, I can see the answer is simple: You have everything inside you right now to be everything you want to be. And Your Answers are in your blindspots.

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