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How to Stop Judging and Start Living

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To shift your mindset, you first need to grasp and consciously awaken to how reality works. All of life is neutral — all of it.

Meaning every moment has no meaning.

Have you heard that before?

Most people have, and yet, do you still need to change your mindset?

Are you genuinely LIVING that way?


Exactly — and it’s not your fault. 

You know you have it in you, but you don’t see what you’re missing!

The question is, “how do you stop judging yourself?”

As humans, we want to know how to live free from self-sabotage, self-criticism, and emotional trauma.

At the same time, we make meanings out of everything. Everything!!

Someone looks at us a certain way, and we decide: they must not like me. What’s wrong with me? What did I do wrong?

Someone didn’t do what we thought they should have done, we think: they don’t respect me. No one respects me. I’m not worthy of respect.

Something didn’t go the way we wanted it to go. We tell ourselves: I can’ t do this. I screw everything up. I’m never going to be good enough.

Meant For More – Excerpt

All of life is neutral, and every moment has no meaning.

So, consider, you – and you alone – are choosing the meanings of all your experiences!

And as you probably know by now, those meanings are all created through the filter of your original trauma.

But how often are you creating meanings and then believing them…

Living them…

Allowing them to derail your progress and momentum…

Allowing them to take you out of the game completely!

Instead, remember to practice:

  1. Pausing to examine the situation,
  2. Asking yourself, “what am I making this mean?”
  3. Separating the Truth from the lie
  4. Clear the misunderstanding or misconception you have in the moment
  5. Apply your new understanding
  6. Know your purpose until it becomes your way of being
  7. Taking consistent actions until you have new experiences
  8.  And your new experiences will give you your new results.

But, Why Do We Self-Sabotage?

Self-sabotage happens when you feel unworthy of success. When you choose to make a negative meaning out of a moment, your subconscious mind is triggered to self-sabotage. 

Power comes from you choosing to find the Truth and being ready to become more of who you are in the moment

The amazing TRUTH is if every moment in life is neutral, and you can become present to  your greatest power, by interrupting your self-sabotage in the moment you are  making the meaning negative. This means you can also choose to make the meaning neutral, so that you can find the TRUTH.

And the Truth will always set you FREE.

Which will allow you to overcome the fear of rejection and live free from the judgment you’re placing on yourself and the meaning you’re giving every moment…

Can you imagine how freeing that would be?!

As someone who lives this way, I no longer have to ask  “how to stop self-criticism?”.

I am at peace with everything I say and do — I don’t second guess myself. I literally live free. 

And let me tell you that every person should experience life like this — it’s incredibly beautiful.

No one should ever have to suffer.

And this means YOU.

And when you know the fundamental truths and learn how we function as humans, in reality, you too will be all you were always meant to be.

Standing for your success.

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