Mia Hewett

How to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

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You were born fully enough.

🛑 Stop.

Read that again.

You were born fully enough.

And the Truth is your Trauma has made you believe otherwise.

Meaning, since your Trauma you have been reacting in a trauma response whenever you feel triggered.

I know that, oftentimes, your ego is very convincing, telling you things like:

“You’re a failure…”

“You’re not worthy of it…”

“You’re never going to be enough…”

And consider: the first step to stopping your trauma response… is to Recognize your Pattern.

Because the more power you give your ego the less powerful, capable and worthy you FEEL…hence why you we always prove yourself right- even when you are wrong.

This keeps us in a continual cycle of negative self-talk and paralysis.

So here is your reminder…❤️

YOU were born fully enough. (FEEL THIS)

Having an incredible power within you: the power to take your dreams and turn them from an abstract idea into reality. 💥

And that is what makes you – exceptional.

We were all born fully enough, more than capable, and with the inherent ability to create any reality.

How do I know that’s possible? Here’s how:

First, you have an imagination.

Not one of us had to go to “imagination school”.

Meaning, every human being is born with the ability to imagine- things that don’t even exist in our reality as of yet.

Your imagination is what allows you to form new ideas, images, or concepts that are outside of your current reality.

And then, just as Edison imagined the lightbulb and then created it, you also have the ability to take a thought, turn it into form, and then into reality by taking consistent, intentional and deliberate action.

Second, you were born with emotions.

Meaning, nobody had to go to “feeling school” to learn how to feel… although what has been gravely missed in our world is learning to interpret them.

Your emotions act as your own built-in internal GPS system, always giving you feedback in any moment whether the thought you are thinking is in Alignment with what you are wanting to create or out of Alignment from what you are wanting to create.

Once you become aware and understand the importance of what messages lie behind your emotions (even the lack of wanting to feel them) they become extremely valuable guidance in your path to fulfillment.

And lastly, you have the ability to take Aligned Action.

Meaning, you have the power to create your reality by visualizing clearly what you want and focusing on it until it lives in you as an emotional set point, like a thermostat, such that you take consistent aligned actions until you close that alignment gap, materializing it into reality.

So the next time you feel out of control, or your ego is filling you with thoughts of unworthiness, doubt, and negative self-talk, just remember you are selling yourself short…on how truly capable you really are!

🛑 Stop.

Recognize your Pattern.

Remind yourself…You have an imagination, an internal guidance system and the ability to take aligned action…

As long as you have these, you have the power to create your reality on purpose…

Every time.

Which makes you infinitely and eternally powerful.

Standing for you greatness, always,

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