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Awareness Is Not Enough in Business

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You’ve been sold a bag of tricks. In truth, we all have… and not one bag – lots of them. One of these tricks is that simply being aware of your surroundings, or circumstances, is ‘enough’ to get the job done – or get a result. One of the greatest offenders that is NOT serving you is the belief that awareness is enough to get a result.

Awareness Doesn’t Work Like That

We were taught this when we were little…

You learned your ABCs, starting with memorizing that infamous ABC song.  As long as you could sing that song back to someone, you were rewarded!

But…could we read? Nope. 

Could we spell? Nope. 

Was it an important step? Yes. 

Was it enough for a result? No.

Misconceptions About Simply Being Aware

It seeded a dangerous misconception that we all live into: that if we are aware of something or know about it, then that is enough to get us the result we want. 

But consider this: if you are not living the results you want, you don’t really know.  Meaning, if you’re stuck in a cycle of self sabotage, hit a plateau in your business, ready to find FREEDOM from the inner struggles that are keeping you stuck…


Consider that no amount of knowledge is going to get you there. 

Which is why all the “advice” in the world – the books, the band-aids, and the partial solutions you’re trying to slap together – aren’t working. 

Consider this: if you’ve never baked an apple pie before and you want to bake an apple pie, knowing you need apples is simply not enough to get you an apple pie. Am I right?

No matter how hard you try, it will not work.

“Ok, Mia,” I hear you saying, “so what do I do instead?!”

Learn to Live a New Experience

You must Internalize and live new experiences such that your new experiences will give you the results. 

The operative word there being “live”. 

be a better you

AKA: You must add each ingredient necessary to make the whole apple pie! It’s not enough to passively consume information, collect “knowledge” and expect different results. 

Instead, we must internalize our awareness, clearing away the misunderstandings and misconceptions that are in our way such that we then are able to apply the Truth, consistently, which has us implementing intentionally achieving what we know.

Create Practical Applications

In other words, we must take our moments of clarity from thought, put them into thought form and then internalize it as a ‘feeling place’ by putting it into a practical application – or it will stay as just a nice insight.

It’s only through making the pie – through the lived experience of it – that you really gain true knowledge of what it takes to make the apple pie. 

And, bonus, when you execute to completion you train – your whole being – to trust in yourself. 

Which allows you to let go of always needing to know “How” something will work out BEFORE you start …as you start trusting yourself in the end result… proving yourself right each and every time. 

Anywhere in your life where you’re not getting the result you want, begin with awareness, but keeping in mind that awareness is not enough to get you the results you want. 

Awareness is not enough to bake that apple pie.

Take the Challenge and Change Everything You’ve Ever Known

So I have an invitation for you: 

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If you’re ready to finally know your worth and CHARGE for it…

become aware in business

If you’ve been here for a while, aware you need this work but have not yet taken action…

If you’re ready to finally have that apple pie you’ve been dreaming of…

This is for you. 

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And now, I’m off to find a piece of pie…

In your corner, 


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