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How to Heal from Trauma

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How to Recognize Core Trauma

Trauma impacts everyone. You may have only ever experienced trauma on a scale where you didn’t even know it was happening. Understanding how to heal from trauma is a process during which you can link an event or interaction in your childhood that made you feel afraid, unworthy, and not good enough. This could have been someone telling you that you were stupid or ignoring you. The action produces feelings; you may feel sad, ashamed, or frustrated. Then every time you are faced with a situation where you anticipate someone might judge you, those same feelings can resurface. Until you recover from trauma, you create limitations to protect yourself. You shift your reality back to the emotions created when you were young, unaware of the core trauma that caused them.

Knowing how to heal will only happen when we recognize our core trauma. Then we can heal and shift our perception, to see in ourselves the unlimited possibilities in our true reality. When you recover from core trauma, your mind is harmonious — free from self-doubt and contradictory thoughts.

Our memories also align with our minds. In one study, when participants recalled memories associated with meaningful events, cognitive changes in the brain were recorded. This demonstrates to what degree significant memories store how we felt as it happened. In fact, the details of what happened will fade, but the feelings will remain powerful. When you are able to be fully in alignment with your conscious mind, your actions will align to create a business and life that is authentic to your inner self.

Live Unapologetically

When you see what is really holding you back, you are able to heal from trauma and live unapologetically to reach your true potential. At the moment, your potential is stifled by the emotions that trigger your actions. To stop the negative feelings and bring your actions in alignment with your inner intelligent self, you need to understand what created your core trauma. When you are afraid, look around. Is there really any danger or anything to be scared of? Realizing that the feelings do not reflect your current reality but come from unresolved past trauma allows you to change how you see the world. Healing core trauma will enable you to shift your perception and align your actions with your inner self.

When you are a child, you are dependent and vulnerable to the reactions of the adults around you. This is why when something upsetting happens, the feelings are not processed. At the time, you can not separate the inner you from the feelings you experience. You internalize the pain and a core trauma is created. Subsequent traumatic events then reinforce this. Your memory connects one event to another that arouses strong responses in order to protect you.

If you feel afraid, your brain stores that ‘danger’. Research shows that stored memories are connected to meaningful events, and this is only registered as important based on the intensity of the feelings at that moment. Those feelings then trigger you to feel scared, unable to find true fulfillment and frustrated that although your hamster wheel may be made of gold, it’s still a hamster wheel, and you are not growing, personally or professionally.

Internalization of Feelings

As a child, this internalization of feelings may be apparent. For example, a timid child could be a result of being bullied. However, when they look back, many people consider their childhood to have been a happy time and don’t even realize they have stored traumatic feelings. This is why you can’t resolve how you feel because you don’t know how to heal the core trauma. As a child, you have to trust the adults that care for you. When something happens that makes you feel unworthy, you do not process those emotions and your perceptions prevent you from living in alignment with your inner wisdom. I want to show you how to access and heal the emotions that hold you back from the life you are meant for, full of joy, love, and fulfillment.

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