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Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

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Speaking in public is a task even famous people struggle with. In fact, you only need to watch a few speeches on YouTube from actors such as Emma Watson and you can observe nervous traits. Fear of public speaking is even considered a phobia called glossophobia. If you struggle with speaking in public,  I want you to know you are not alone! Overcoming the fear of public speaking is ranked as the number one fear by 75% of people and also impacts people who are used to being in the spotlight.

One well-known example is when Gandhi was unable to continue speaking when in court.  “My head was reeling and I felt as though the whole court was doing likewise,” Gandi wrote about what happened, as reported by an article in The Atlantic.

Common worries about speaking in public include:

  • Forgetting what to say
  • Not being understood
  • Mumbling or talking too fast
  • Sweating
  • Looking foolish
  • Feeling sick and vomiting
  • Being light-headed or feeling dizzy.

All of this can feel overwhelming and make you think you will never be able to get up and be your best self.

Preparing for Public Speaking

Preparation is one part of feeling self-assured about public speaking, and strategies for effective preparation are the primary topic of numerous articles about public speaking. Without a doubt, ensuring you have all the necessary resources and practicing what you will say plays an essential part in how impactful the information you relay will be.

Here are the top 10 tips for preparing authoritative content about a topic and presenting information to an audience that I use myself:

  1. Understand your audience
  2. Research your topic
  3. Read various blogs and articles
  4. Watch YouTube
  5. Listen to podcasts
  6. Organize all resources such as visual aids, props, or music
  7. Practice out loud
  8. Speak in front of the mirror
  9. Read the content multiple times over a couple of days
  10. Record and watch yourself.

Techniques for Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

There are various techniques that are well known and recommended to help address concerns about speaking publicly. The most common methods are to talk with conviction, whether it is for a speech, lecture, or even speaking the first time in court, include:

  • Controlled breathing
  • Taking pauses
  • Speaking slowly
  • Alternating tempo of speech
  • Emphasizing specific words or phrases
  • Keep water to hand

If you have read this far, I know you need more than the tips above; you want to know how to be your best self. I hear you. No matter how well prepared you are, when you start thinking about public speaking, you begin to experience symptoms of anxiety. You can’t stop worrying about your ability to make the message resonate with the audience you are addressing. This is not a result of external factors or a lack of knowledge or preparation. The feeling that makes you dread public speaking comes from a much deeper place.

When fear of public speaking seems to be a part of your inner self, this is because you have internalized feelings that have come from previous traumatic events, which I refer to as “past trauma.” These might be what you consider insignificant, or you may not even recall that they happened as you were too young to make sense of other people’s reactions. Your sense of self was shifted and you split from your true self in order to protect yourself from feeling negative emotions in the future.

Bringing the fear you felt during a past trauma (and that doesn’t have to be anything serious or dramatic) negatively changes your mindset. Your brain reads this as a sign of danger and this compounds the dread. Think about it; fear exists to prevent us from doing dangerous things that put our lives or health at risk. The brain does not distinguish between feelings of anxiety that come from a perceived threat or a real threat. This is why “trying” to visualize success doesn’t work, because your emotions do not come from a place of logic. To be free from fear you need to operate in the present because when you consciously awaken to your inner power, you will know that you have everything you need to create your reality inside of you already.

Not only will public speaking become effortless, but all of your self-doubt, internal criticism, and other negative emotions will also lose their power over your actions. Everything you experience comes from a place of feeling and when this becomes your “reality,” you align your actions with your goals to start living your most successful life.

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