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Overcome Your Fear of Being Rejected

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Triumph Over Fear

There is so much noise out there about how to shift your mindset to overcome the fear of being rejected. Change your mindset, think positively, imagine success, yet the absolute truth comes not in shifting your mindset but in learning the Truth about how to overcome your fear. Fear is born from a situation that triggers emotions that make the brain log danger. Now every time you feel those emotions, your brain signals danger. To create the mindset you need, you first need to comprehend how to become present and consciously awaken to the truth of how reality works.

When you fear rejection, you are simply surviving. You may be surviving at a high level, with all of the luxuries you could ever want, but you are not thriving. You are not pursuing what will truly bring you happiness and life fulfillment; you just continue to struggle through every day, simply living what you already know. You continue to think you are not enough and yet at the same time you feel that you are Meant for More. This is why you can’t seem to find a way of overcoming the fear of rejection because every time someone rejects your idea or proposal, it reinforces that you are not enough. To be free from the pain of rejection, you first need to shift your relationship with yourself and uncover what is really behind your mental and emotional responses. 

That crippling fear you feel when you are about to press send on that email or speak with someone about a proposal, comes from the emotions we created during early childhood, that made us feel unworthy. As you have grown older, those feelings have connected with new events, and your “original trauma” is reinforced. When you made a mistake and someone told you that you were stupid, or even if you were voted most likely to succeed at school, you stored the fear, doubt, of what if you don’t. And no matter what you achieve, unless you remove the “original trauma,” you will always struggle to build and know your self-worth. Knowing your self-worth allows you to be present and free of fear, not only of rejection but also the fear of failure. You are no longer trapped by emotions that are holding you back from creating the life and business of your dreams. 

Align Your Actions

When worrying about rejection in the future, you effectively project feelings of unworthiness into the present. This becomes your ‘now,’ and you align your actions with your feelings. This closes opportunities and limits you from moving forward. Remember, every success story, product, or service begins with an idea. The initiator of that idea then aligns their actions to make it come to fruition. This is not to say they were never rejected; what matters is the rejection did not alter their perception of themselves and the worth of their idea or proposal. 

What if you knew that you couldn’t be rejected, that your proposal would be embraced and success would follow? You would set in motion the actions to put you where you need to create and put forward the proposal. Yet the best proposals get rejected! Yes, I hear you but here’s the secret, to create the business and life of your dreams, you continue without a doubt no matter how many times you get rejected. Your self-worth is not eradicated by rejection; you don’t fall into a cycle of destructive thinking. You make effective decisions from a place of clarity and stop self-sabotaging. When you no longer fear rejection, you can naturally align your actions with what you desire. When you start feeling afraid to put yourself out there, stop, look around. What are you doing? Are you in danger? Or is the fear of rejection (danger) a false truth, created by feelings that come from past trauma, signaling a threat that is not real? 

The fear of being judged and rejected comes from a past event that made you feel unworthy. Limiting thoughts are born from the emotions created, from past experiences. When you are a child, your emotional self controls your intellectual and logical self. This means your emotional response triggers the brain to store a memory. When you remember a past event that was meaningful, you will not remember the details. For example, you are a child in a restaurant with your parents/guardians and you knock over your drink. An adult you trust does not accept that it was an accident and shouts at you. You will remember the incident but not the color of the hair of the server or even what you were wearing. The emotions you felt as a child are what create fear in the present. At the time your trust was broken, you felt rejected, unworthy of being in the restaurant. Unless you recognize and deal with your core trauma, you will continue to feel unworthy and fear rejection. 

I am here to help you see the truth, stop self-sabotaging, and become fully aligned with yourself. This is why after years of searching for the answer, I created a way to help others stop fearing the judgment of other people. With the Aligned Intelligence® Method, you will consciously awaken to live the life you always wanted, without doing more or trying harder

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