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How to Find Pleasure in Hiring and Firing

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Picture this: You’re sitting at your desk staring at a pile of resumes feeling the weight of them on your shoulders.

The thought of yet again hiring a new team member fills you with dread! Without meaning to, you immediately start worrying, “what if this is another wrong person!” Then the angst of liking them but having to let them go starts to make you feel sick. Argh!

You’re not alone. I’ve been there, too.

Deciding on the Right Employee Hire

I remember the long nights I used to spend agonizing over these types of decisions.

The thought of putting in endless hours to train them, always worrying whether they were going to work out. Or even worse, that despite all my effort, I would have to let them go because they weren’t the right fit and then the feeling of defeat at being back to square one again!

Little did I know, I was sabotaging myself with every negative emotion I kept associating to the hiring/firing process.

The problem is, when we link pain to having what we want, we will subconsciously sabotage ourselves.

It’s human nature for us to avoid pain and seek pleasure with some kind of immediate gratification. This is why we’ll often resort to beating ourselves up, blaming ourselves, or blaming others by denying we are the ones making this hard on ourselves, or we avoid the hiring/firing process all together by procrastinating.

Either way, the consequences of this can be devastating… 

You might find yourself feeling like you have to constantly: 

  • Micromanaging your team, or
  • Take on too much of their responsibilities, 
  • Train and support your employees and hire new ones.

But what if I told you there’s a new way to approach this? 

A new way that links massive pleasure to this process that would empower you to lead your team with confidence, joy, and ease?

6 Steps to Aid You in Hiring and Firing People

Invite new hires to come test out if they like the position-First.
Having them shadow you on their own time which allows for them to take more ownership of their growth.

Set clear expectations from day one:

No micromanagement, just results, solutions, and outcomes are expected on the few things that truly matter.

Once their behaviors have shown you they are a fit, hire them, and then have them be responsible to learn and master the top 3 profit-generating activities they must do for their position- everyday. 

Empower the Use of Standard Operating Procedures

This ensures that in the event they get sick or injured someone else in the company can easily and effortless step in and cover for them by knowing exactly what to do.

Track Their Performance

track their performances using deadlines to ensure they prioritize their top 3 profit generating activities, which should produce a minimum of 4x their monthly salary.

This creates a win/win, with the company gaining a profitable asset and the employee knowing  exactly how to be successful, allowing them to be able to earn more money, prosper, evolve, and expand their position.

Trust Your Gut

Lastly, when someone repeatedly (3x) demonstrates a lack of commitment to do what’s required to achieve results, trust your observation. This is a telltale sign that they are in the wrong position or that they are the wrong person for your company. If the latter, then release them with compassion, allowing them to find a position that is better aligned for their natural self-expression. This will allow you to build a team of the right people, in the right positions, consistently doing the right things everyday.

The key to making this a reality is simple = Alignment

Having the right people, in the right positions, doing the right things, everyday.  Period.

By implementing these 6 steps, you’ll create a thriving company culture where your employees (or contractors) are motivated, accountable, and committed to creating win/wins for themselves and your company.

But here’s the thing – these steps are just the beginning. 

The real transformation happens when you dig deeper, uncovering and releasing the subconscious programming and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from true leadership and success.

All of this will have your hiring/firing process, your team dynamics, and your entire business – align with everyone’s true potential. 


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