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Mia Discusses the Effects of Menopause

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A client recently asked me, “Mia, when was the last time you felt unsure of something?” It took me a moment to think back, but then it hit me like a ton of bricks: Menopause.

Yes, you read that right. The big M through me for a loop! Like a hormonal roller coaster from hell!

Between all the hot flashes, dryness, and the consistent weight gain… I felt so lost and betrayed by my own body.

Menopause Makes You Think Differently

Menopause was the first time in a long while where I found myself questioning everything I thought I knew about myself and my body…

Then on top of that, there was so much conflicting information out there that I felt insecure about knowing who to trust and how to resolve it. So many people would say that this is just the way it is now!

Other  “experts” I would listen to would say many different things…

Yet, nothing I tried seemed to work.

My regular tried-and-true methods for losing a few pounds were all suddenly useless. 

I felt like I was failing at something that should have been natural to me.

Then I had an epiphany.

What is the Solution?

This is EXACTLY how my clients feel when their business strategies are not working! 💡

It’s that same gut-wrenching feeling of being lost, confused, and desperate for answers.

Then I remembered…

The Universal Law of Polarity says for every Problem there is an equal and Opposite Solution. I decided to FEEL what the solution would feel like in my body BEFORE I knew how I would be capable of achieving it. 

I kept believing in a solution. And you know what? I found it.

My intuition guided me to speak to a distant aunt who I hadn’t spoken to in many years. She then informed me of how she had been able to resolve this by being on natural hormone replacement… And it changed her life!

The Biggest Key Understanding: Much of the unwanted change in our bodies are the result of our bodies failing to produce human growth hormone (HGH) the way it used to. In other words, we weren’t supposed to live this long- originally!

The good news is that there is a natural way to stimulate hormone production with the use of bioidentical hormone replacement that comes from yams.

Finding Your Way Through Menopause

Now, just like I’ve helped countless clients navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship by supporting them on how to uncover their blind spots, find their alignment, and break through the barriers that have been holding them back…

I can now share how I found my way through menopause.

So if you have been feeling unsure in your business…

I want you to know that you’re not alone. 

I also want you to know the relief, the joy, and triumphant equally exists in the answers! On the opposite side!

I’ve walked this path, and I’m here to guide you through it. On the few things that MATTER MOST.

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Your success, your fulfillment, your alignment – matter! I’m excited to support you in finding the clarity and confidence you deserve to achieve it.


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