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Rediscover Your Self-Motivation and Stop Procrastinating

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Wondering How to Get Unstuck?

Life is dragging, somehow your success does not leave you feeling good enough. Every day you wake up with the best intentions. You will try harder and do more, but when you finally fall asleep at night, you know you have not moved in the direction you wanted. It feels endless, no matter what you try you stay stuck, fearful of the judgment you perceive other people are making. You know the techniques and methods to rediscover self-motivation but the real truth is you need to know how to stop blocking your emotions. 

So many life and business coaches, therapists, and successful entrepreneurs have various theories behind why people feel stuck. Blog posts and guides tell us how to prioritize, be more organized, and set goals. They all promise that if you try harder or change what you’re doing, you can find inner self-motivation and stop procrastinating. But to find true, long-lasting, and real inner motivation, you must first accept that many of the life lessons we have absorbed actually hold us back. Inevitably, this can feel scary and it is often easier to just try to make a few “surface” changes and short-term fixes.

But here’s the secret, you do not need to change. The truth is inside you and the key to eradicating obsessive thoughts, doubt, and difficulty making decisions is to allow yourself to be more of who you are. I hear you; it sounds strange. Yet by continuing to think you need to change, do more, try harder, you will stay stuck and continue to self-sabotage every time you try to move forward. I want you to stop wondering if this is all life has to offer when you are  Meant for More.

The power that comes from making choices in the present will naturally ignite self-motivation without thought or effort. 

Self-Motivation and Subconscious Reprogramming

When most people think about the term subconscious reprogramming, it makes them wonder where or what they are doing wrong. Feelings of frustration and maybe even guilt surface. The issue is, all of the methods or techniques about managing or controlling thoughts can only ever temporarily change your mindset. Lack of motivation and procrastination is a symptom of behavior that stems from past trauma.  

Think about when you learn to ride a bike, at first you may be afraid of falling and overthink how fast to pedal. This fear comes from decisions in the past that have resulted in you being hurt. For example, this could be running on a slippery surface and falling. You made a wrong decision and fell. When you accept you are choosing to take the risk of falling, something amazing happens, your mind and actions work together. You heal the past trauma, which has subconsciously programmed your mind to want to stay put, where it’s safe. The bike becomes an extension of you and the fear and doubts melt away. This is in effect an example of subconscious reprogramming. The power that comes from making choices in the present, will naturally ignite self-motivation without thought or effort. 

Trust Yourself to Make Your Own Decisions

Procrastination along with self-sabotaging, are behaviors that come from past trauma. When you recreate a moment from the past that makes you feel a need to change or fix the way you think your mind freezes and you can’t move forward. You feel like you are not enough and become afraid and no longer trust yourself to make the right decisions. Transforming your mindset and being present in the moment is the only way to heal from past traumatic experiences that make you subconsciously doubt yourself.

Processing your core trauma and self-motivation will be a natural force that will banish procrastination, and sustain real self-motivation.

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