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How to Separate Worth From Value

To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to understand your worth. Your feeling of fear that comes with raising your prices is not connected to your service or product. I know the questions that you are asking and the fear you are creating at this moment.

You may be asking yourself, how do you know how much to raise them, and will the demand reduce for your service or product? The real question is, why don’t you feel worthy of allowing yourself to receive what you are already worthy of? This fear is not connected to the value of your service or product. There are hundreds of books and blog posts with advice about when and how to raise your prices, and it can feel like you are drowning in information, yet starving for wisdom.

Today, we will be giving you real wisdom that to raise prices without the anxiety and fear that is holding you back is to heal the core trauma that makes you feel unworthy of the life you are meant for. This is why it can be emotional and feel scary! 

You may feel frustrated, even angry at yourself because deep down, you feel like a failure for feeling afraid. You think you should be able to figure this out! 

The truth is that to discover your worth, you need to separate worth from value. Worth is what you feel internally; value is the perception other people have of the service or product you provide. You need to understand that what you charge is directly linked to the value you provide. Knowing your worth is a separate problem. Today, I want you to discover what is really preventing you from overcoming your fear. Without healing the core trauma that triggered the feelings of unworthiness, you will continue to give and give. It’s not the prices you charge or the way other people perceive your value; what is truly life-changing is understanding that the way you feel about your worth comes from your past trauma. It’s time to stop trading your time for money without ever achieving the true success, joy, and fulfillment that comes from doing what you were born for.

Discovering Your Worth

The first step to discovering your worth is to understand that a core trauma is creating your reality. Without healing that core trauma, you will keep falling back into old patterns of feeling like you have to give more to justify what you want to charge. Raising your prices is not the issue; the one thing that holds you back is the panic that overcomes you when you don’t know your true worth. How can you discover your worth when you collate value with worth. The biggest misconception is that we collapse our worth with the value that other people perceive when they pay for a product or service. How can you discover your worth when your core trauma is still making you feel unworthy of the life you are meant to live.

Worth is internal; you need to allow yourself to receive what you are already worthy of. The reason you don’t receive it is because deep down, you feel like there must be something wrong with you. Maybe you’re just not capable of discovering your worth, so you start to permit your core trauma to shift to present reality. This is why you question if you are just not as capable, smart, or amazing as you need to be? To know your worth, you need to reprogram the subconscious mind to act in the present. Only when you stop addressing the symptoms and address the root cause of your core trauma will you stop self-sabotaging. Learn to live free from anxiety and pain, and stop feeling like you’re just keeping your head above water. It’s not the water; it’s the fear that prevents you from swimming.

What Causes Fear?

Fear comes from a belief that we project into our future, so if you think putting up your rate will be a catastrophe, you will feel afraid in the present. To move forward with a belief in your worth, you need to address past trauma (this is not as extreme as it sounds!) and reprogram the subconscious mind. In ways, you may never have thought about, how you feel controls how you behave.

You will have probably noticed that big brands continue to raise their prices think about the cost of your broadband provider. People accept a rise in the price for such an essential and value-loaded service. The internet service provider (ISP) industry understands our reliance on broadband and the internet. This reliance is created by the value the internet provides by enabling us to communicate with the rest of the world. This has become even more apparent since the start of the pandemic when the internet has made it possible to provide remote training and monitoring options, allowing many people to work from home. The Free Press cited data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics Survey found the average cost of internet subscriptions ”increased 14% between 2016 and 2019 (from $55.82 to $63.66), 2.2 times the rate of general inflation.” 

When you know your worth will enable you to become more of who you are without feeling afraid, you will be able to move forward and grow in every aspect of your personal and work life.  

Is the Prospect of Raising Your Prices So Excruciating?

You may think that you are worth more, but do you feel you are worth more? Actions that come from feelings are caused by unresolved trauma. You can’t just change your mindset without healing what makes you feel like you are not enough. It’s not even about the service or the product; it’s about the high service that gives value. Let’s take an example. Before Starbucks started, it was deemed laughable or even impossible to charge their prices for coffee, which people pay now without hesitation. 

This is where providing value with a high service product or service makes raising prices no longer a matter of what the “competition” charges. If this were the case, Starbucks would have been an epic fail. 

There is a clear distinction between value and worth. To raise your prices, you first need to disconnect what other people perceive as valuable, such as making them money or relieving stress with what you feel you are worth.

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