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Successful Habits of Millionaires

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What if this year was the year you finally achieved your goal of earning 7-figures? I understand how frustrating it can be to know you’re capable of so much more…and STILL not be living it! 

Having ambition but no real strategy on how to get there! Argh!

Or feeling like your current strategy has hit a “glass ceiling” and you just don’t know why or what to shift!?

What Habits Do Millionaires Have?

After building two multi-million dollar businesses and over a decade of supporting other business owners to create their own 6- 7 figure success…

I know firsthand what it specifically takes to actualize an ambitious goal. And it is not what you might think!

It’s simply a matter of you being able to clear away your misunderstandings and misconceptions – YOUR BLIND SPOTS- while using a Powerful Proven Strategy for Your 7-figure success.

The Truth is:
Cutting through the smoke IS the hardest part

Today, the greatest gift I want to give you about this is…

The most magical things in life: are often the result of the correct application of the most basic principles imaginable. 

Read that again.

FEEL that sentence instead of THINKING about that sentence. 

9 Principles to Help You Make 7 Figures This Year:

Know WHO you are from WHO you are Not: 

    Your clarity will always elude you when you don’t know who you are from and who you are Not. Meaning, when we live from our false/protective self we stay stuck, struggling in perceptions and Not fully living in reality. This leads us to constantly procrastinate or make ineffective decisions – which consistently causes us to self-sabotage. 

    Note: Even if we achieve financial success, ultimately, this way of being will never leave us feeling accomplished or fulfilled but rather feeling empty and unfulfilled.  

    “Success without fulfillment is the greatest failure.” -Mia

    Know how life really works: 

      To succeed in life you must understand the rules and have the ability to apply these principles on purpose and deliberately. There are certain Laws that apply to this Universe – on how life really works. When we live in Alignment with those Laws, life flows. When we don’t, our relationships, businesses and lives ALL feel like an uphill battle.

      Have the right tools and support

        With the right tools and support to Live In Alignment with yourself, your relationships, and your business you will be able to clear away any resistance and BLINDSPOTS – to achieve your results – which gives you great power!  

        This is why we recommend our Aligned Intelligence Method ® as well as why we give you 24/7 support so you become Unstoppable.

        Live from a Vivid Vision (vs Goals) 

          When you live from A Vivid Vision you automatically live from the end in mind, naturally taking the aligned actions and applying effective skills sets until you achieve your results.

          Meaning, Alignment is a total EMBODIMENT! A goal, on the other hand, is something you are trying to get to which then has you never arriving.

          Connect to Your “Why”

            Your ‘why’ or higher intention is the heart of your ambition. It is the driving force behind our mission and purpose in life, guiding you to Go All-In to become one with what you want. When you fully expect your results, you tune in and draw upon infinite intelligence. This is how we live our full potential and tap into REAL POWER.

            Nothing ever happens without a definitive cause, so we must connect with WHY we want what we want, for what higher intention, and for what greater purpose. 

            A powerful ‘why’ is what has us persevere, being willing to clear any resistance, to uncover any blind spots so that we transcend any obstacles–both inner and outer. 

            Listen to the feedback and adjust until you have your intended result(s)

            Whenever you get fixated or attached to a strategy–that “should” work–you can end up ignoring the real feedback/data that would work. When we go all-in without any attachment, we can hear the necessary feedback from our clients and the market, on what is working, what is not working, and what is missing that would make it work.

            Then we make the necessary adjustments, and our results show up. Every. Time.

            Have a Definite Path

            There is no such thing as something for nothing. You have to have a clear statement of your promises and the results from which others will benefit. 

            We must solve high value problems and then break down our big goal or vivid vision into incremental progress markers or milestones. Mapping out a definite path to transform our idea that is intangible into a tangible reality.

            Always Act From Alignment

              From your Aligned Self, visualize your success, and let your vision direct your actions in coherence and flow while you move from a place of alignment. 

              Then make commitments to yourself by honoring them fully. This builds your confidence and self-trust – it is how we deliberately create our lives by living the power of our Word.

              Prioritize Your Time

                Time is never what stops you, but rather who you are with your time. Time is your most limited asset, so how we treat our time is important. Our Alignment with our time is a commitment to our future self. You must develop the habit of prioritizing your #1, #2, #3 profit-generating activities. Identify the actions that yield the greatest impact and in the economy of effort, focus on the activities that bring you closer to your goal.

                Now there is nothing particularly difficult to understand about these 9 principles. 



                All of these 9 principles are pretty easy, right? Some may even say, they are obvious. This IS simply living from Alignment within ourselves, how life really works, and with the outcome(s) we’re up to creating.

                If you want to dismiss any of the above principles as being too basic, too simple or too obvious Consider, those are your blind spots you will want to clear. The Truth is these principles seem like common sense, but I assure you they are anything but common practice.

                It is not your fault.

                Your protective self will want to avoid them if they don’t feel safe to you.

                This is why my partner and I have dedicated our lives to helping business owners and entrepreneurs to feel safe to live these principles so they can achieve their dreams.

                You can absolutely join the 7-figure club when you apply and live the above principles. It’s time for you to claim the results you know you’re Meant For. 

                We can’t wait to see you there!  

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                Mia Hewett

                My mission is to help entrepreneurs awaken to the truth of who they are, so they can make six to seven figures in their businesses, live their purpose and make the difference and impact they are Meant to make.

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