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Why It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Mindset

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Why Do We Self-Sabotage?

Why do we self-sabotage and limit our potential? Just by saying “it’s too late” to do something different, you trigger emotions that make you scared of being a failure before you even begin. You know judging yourself isn’t healthy, but no matter how much you read, watch, and do, you still don’t know how to stop judging yourself.

When you judge yourself, you are simply recalling an event from your past that you feel didn’t go the way you planned or wanted it to. When you think about this experience, you trigger fear in the present moment. The only way to let go of the concept that is “running in the background of your mind” is to understand subconscious reprogramming. This programming comes from core trauma that has been caused by an early childhood events and experiences. Often these happen when you are very young and will not be apparent as the cause of your current fear.  

By knowing why you feel the constant need to overachieve and overgive to the point of exhaustion, you can finally learn how to live freely. Stop going through the motions, heal past trauma, and end the constant fear that stops you living from a true sense of self. When you judge yourself and are driven by a fear of not being good enough, how can you live a life that brings you joy and a real sense of fulfillment? 

Working Too Much and Not Enjoying Life

You work hard, you’re a success in the conventional sense, and you have the life many people dream of, but you can’t help but feel you are Meant for More

Do you ever have moments when you sit and think about how you have missed your true life calling? At that moment, you are overcome with guilt about feeling this way. You are successful in everything you do by everyone else’s standards. You have a beautiful home, you enjoy fantastic holidays, and get to do so many things that other people can only dream of. So why isn’t it enough? Why do you constantly find yourself working too much and wondering, “Is this really all there is?”. Deep down, you reprimand yourself for believing you are meant for more. You try to schedule in “me time,” arrange family outings, or learn new skills, yet you lack delight in your life. You fear needing to start over when all you need to do is heal the programming that comes from past suffering and pain. When you understand how the terror you feel in the present is caused by a recollection of previous times when your true self was diminished, you will find your own real and joyful sense of purpose.

Yet you tell yourself that it’s too late to change your life. Your expectations are too unrealistic, and you have too many responsibilities: it’s just too late. Deep down, you feel that you must have done something horrible. You don’t have a right to want more. This self-reproach is caused by the feeling that you must have done something wrong. Your life will forever transform when you open your eyes and see things you have never seen before.

Every day we limit ourselves by permitting past trauma to resurface in the present. Many people are not open to opportunities because they are afraid. Fear drives us to give up on our dreams and ambitions and settle for being less than we feel we can be. When brought into the moment we exist in (which is now), past trauma triggers scary and distressing emotions. 

You may think you should know how to overcome that feeling of distress or alarm that courses through your body when you think about making changes. You know you should believe in yourself, and yet you continue to feel you’re not capable.  

You may be surprised to hear that how you feel drives how you behave. When you feel afraid, that fear comes from an experience that caused you physical or emotional pain. This past trauma makes you feel that pain will happen when you relive it by bringing it back into your conscious mind. We are not able to remember everything for a reason! Humans are not intended to live their past experiences and past trauma, or we would never recover from trauma and move forward with our lives.

Feeling Like a Failure?

There is no force stronger than your mindset, and when you worry time is running out, you limit yourself in the present. When your goals are not met on time, you berate yourself, and this becomes a vicious circle of recalling past trauma and then feeling like a failure. Without even knowing it, you let those moments define you and foster fear by simply not focusing on them at the moment that you truly exist in.

You may think that there is too much to do and too little time; you have too many responsibilities, or you are just too old, but it’s never too late to change your mindset, recover from trauma and stop judging yourself

By learning how to reprogram the subconscious mind, you will stop feeling it’s too late to live the life you dream of — whether this is to take success and scale it in a better way, to make a bigger impact in the world, or be free to spend more time with loved ones. When you find yourself thinking about a past or future moment, pause and realize the power is in the right now.

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